Sunday, 27 March 2011

Countdown to 200k

I’ve decided to record the progress of my lovely old car towards the milestone of 200000 miles.  I think this is an important occasion because even though Volkswagens do tend to do this and more, quite regularly, it’s a first time for me and one of my cars.  People seem to change cars quite quickly nowadays and for most people, the age of my car and the fact I haven’t changed it yet is a slight surprise to them.

Over the years so many people (who didn’t really know me or my car that well) have said to me “why don’t you get a new car?”  Ok, granted the colour of my car doesn’t ever tend to look spick and span even after it’s just been washed and I’m not the best at waxing and polishing – my excuse is that our house is on a main road so it gets really dirty.  I do keep the interior of it very nice though.  I do plan to get the bodywork sorted out this year.  But people say this to me and my stock answer has always been that I love my car, I haven’t seen anything else that I like and I’m determined to get this car to 200k miles. 

So the milestone is very close now, so close I’m beginning to worry.  Will we make it to 200k?  If we do, what will I do next?

As of today Sunday 27th march 2011 13.24 pm it has done: 199276 miles.

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  1. Hey sis, love the new look on here, wow the car is getting old but because you love and cherish it i reckon its gonna go on for a lot longer yet X