Saturday, 18 January 2014

White Gerbera Daisy Car Flower for your CAR!


Available from our Ebay shop (fabcars)    

 White Beetle Style Car Flower Gerbera Daisy & Auto Vase Car Vase & Crystals

Make your car look brighter and more colourful with this beautiful silk-based artificial gerbera daisy and the fantastic FabCar Car Vase.

This FAB pack includes:

1.  The Beautiful FabCar Car Vase. 

A specially made vase for your car that has a rotating metal clip to attach to both vertical or horizontal air vents.  The glass vessel is made from tough, tubular borosilicate glass and measures 70x20mm.
*please note that this vase will fit most straight air vents, please email me a picture of your vent if you have any doubt and I can let you know if it will fit ok.

2.  A silk-based Gerbera Daisy.
Silk-based Artificial Flower, with a wired, bendable stem so you can position the head to your preferred angle. The height is approx 150mm and the diameter 90mm.
This listing is for the white daisy but we have other colours available.

3.  Coloured Vase Crystals
These hide the flower stem and add a lovely colour.  You can spray them to add your own scent.  We will send white to match this flower, however if you would like a different colour please let me know.

A note about scents:
Scents generally do not last long so we feel it is better not to advertise or sell our products as scented as the smell will not last and they also can smell stale quite quickly.  For this reason we think it is better to leave our flowers unscented and leave you free to add a fragrance that you prefer to the crystals.

Also, because our crystals are not 'set' in resin (meaning that the flower is also stuck) you are free to swap and change both the crystals and the car flower itself.
If you are looking for another colour or a different size/style of flower please feel free to email us at:

We have flowers on their own if you already have a vase.
You can also buy different coloured vase crystals, we have lots of colours available.

You can buy this and our other flowers, crystals and vases on our Ebay site - either click the flower image above or click here.

If you would prefer to find us on Ebay just look for fabcars.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Tickets available for a spectacular event to showcase the Landrover Evoque

Evoque Live was brought to life by Lee Lapthorne and Doll Productions (the company behind award winning shows including Clothes Show Live and Britain’s Next Top Model).  The show fuses the creative talent of fashion stylist Harriet Jagger, designers Jasper Conran & Amanda Wakeley and choreography by Ashley Wallen.

Held in an intimate atmosphere with only 150 seats per show, the performance is a fully integrated and choreographed production. Featuring cutting-edge technology, professional dancers, catwalk models and performance artists, the spectacle will culminate in the Range Rover Evoque reveal. Be prepared to be mesmerised.

The shows continue from now until 5th June 2011 and there are tickets still available for some shows in Birmingham and Manchester.  Book yours free here

Monday, 18 April 2011

Volkswagen's New Beetle 2011 unveiled at Shanghai Show: Is it a Masculine Beetle or Girly Scirocco

Volkswagen’s New Beetle 2011 has been unveiled at Shanghai Motor Show this week.  The new design moves away from the curvy, bubbly look of the 1998 New-Beetle design, to a longer, wider, squat look not dissimilar to the fabulous New Scirocco.
The 2011 Beetle has more boot space than the 1998 version – an issue that was an important deal breaker, especially for the cabrio version.  There will also be a split-fold rear seat for added versatility.

The choice of engines available in the UK will be:
Petrol: 1.2 Litre TSI (105 PS); 1.4-litre TSI 160 PS and a 2.0-litre TSI 200 PS (this latter option is to have XDS electronic differential lock as fitted to the Golf GTI).
New Beetle 2011 should be available to order in the UK this summer.
Will it appeal more to girls who like Scirocco’s? To guys that feel the current Beetle is too girly, or equally to girls and guys?  And what will we call it?  New Beetle, New, New-Beetle, Beetle 2011……..

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Countdown to 200k

I’ve decided to record the progress of my lovely old car towards the milestone of 200000 miles.  I think this is an important occasion because even though Volkswagens do tend to do this and more, quite regularly, it’s a first time for me and one of my cars.  People seem to change cars quite quickly nowadays and for most people, the age of my car and the fact I haven’t changed it yet is a slight surprise to them.

Over the years so many people (who didn’t really know me or my car that well) have said to me “why don’t you get a new car?”  Ok, granted the colour of my car doesn’t ever tend to look spick and span even after it’s just been washed and I’m not the best at waxing and polishing – my excuse is that our house is on a main road so it gets really dirty.  I do keep the interior of it very nice though.  I do plan to get the bodywork sorted out this year.  But people say this to me and my stock answer has always been that I love my car, I haven’t seen anything else that I like and I’m determined to get this car to 200k miles. 

So the milestone is very close now, so close I’m beginning to worry.  Will we make it to 200k?  If we do, what will I do next?

As of today Sunday 27th march 2011 13.24 pm it has done: 199276 miles.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Review of Accidental Genius by Mark Levy

Article first published as Book Review: Accidental Genius: Using Writing To Generate Your Best Ideas, Insight, And Content by Mark Levy on Blogcritics.

I have to be honest, I’m a huge fan of a book called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, and in particular her ‘Morning Pages’ technique. When I read about Accidental Genius I wondered if it would be a very similar book.

I needn’t have worried. Mark Levy’s book, Accidental Genius stood on its own for me as a book that I am so pleased to have read, particularly at this point in time, and I will be keeping it with me on my personal writing journey.

Levy introduces the concept of ‘Free-writing’ that Cameron readers will be familiar with, but then goes on to explore and extend this concept much further, into a veritable suitcase of bite-size practical techniques that I will definitely be keeping next to my computer.

The book is organised into three parts and twenty-eight chapters, with the core of the book centred on techniques for helping you to write freely and creatively, in the true meaning of that word. Levy’s book will coax you towards ideas you didn’t think you had if you follow some of the exercises.

The outline structure of the book is as follows:-
  • Part One: Six Secrets to Free-writing.
  • Part Two: Powerful Refinements
  • Part Three: Going Public

The chapters I found most useful myself were Chapters 1—3, 15, & 24. The titles of these Chapters:
‘Try Easy’, ‘Write Fast and Continuously’, ‘Work Against a limit’, ‘Hold a paper conversation’, and ‘Notice stories everywhere’.

Chapters 12—14 were the least useful for me at this point in time, but like other process books I have found that the parts I’ve dismissed at first were often useful to me at a later stage. Sometimes the time is not right to ‘hear’ certain words.

I wondered if Chapter 10 ‘Escape Your Own Intelligence’ and Chapter 18 ‘Doubt Yourself’ could have been blended together as chapters as they seemed to talk about a similar overall concept. Also Chapter 5 ‘Go with the thought’ seemed to slightly contradict Chapter 11 ‘The Value in Disconnecting’. But I do think that both could be used at different points in time. This book is a bumper pack of techniques from which you can pick and choose according to your own particular needs at a certain point in time.

Chapter 14 ‘Learn To Love Lying’ was intriguing and it made me think that it could also have been described as ‘embracing the surreal’, or ‘playing with perspective’.

Overall, the single most important technique that I have been using throughout this weekend is the ‘timer’ technique from Chapter 3. I have been using the timer on my mobile phone rather than a kitchen timer, but still this little technique has done more for my flow rate, word rate and feeling of accomplishment than any other writing rule I’ve been using recently. I’ll tell you why I think this small exercise has made such a difference.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and when I sit down to write I usually find myself trying to write and edit at the same time. This means I’m critiquing while creating which of course slows down the creative process. I’ve evolved this way as a consequence of trying to be efficient and also as a result of writing so many academic essays! But trying to write and edit is quite an overload for my brain, and I do find that it is not long before the words – along with my motivation – dry up under the weight of the inner critic.

The timer exercise makes me forget about editing and focus solely on getting words down on paper as quickly as my thoughts allow. This speed element is important because it means writing at a pace that is more compatible with the speed of my thoughts and ideas. This feels refreshingly effortless in comparison to how I sometimes feel when writing. Sometimes my ideas and thoughts slow down to match the pace of my writing and this can lead to creativity and motivation coming to something of a standstill as well.

Ray Bradbury has said “In quickness there is truth”. I think if you write fast within the limits of a timer, you can bypass the censor inside which means that you are writing freely and truthfully.

The other technique I kept in mind whilst writing this weekend was to ‘Try Easy’. Levy states that we can have a tendency to try too hard which can lead to a poor performance because we worry about doing our best and this can interfere with the actual practice or ‘getting on with it’. To ‘Try Easy’ means to try 90% rather than 110%. For a perfectionist like me it translates into “I’ll just put some words down on paper as fast as I can, and then see what I have”.

My usual writing process can be much more convoluted than this. For a big piece, I will usually ‘have a think’ about what to write, my mind will wander off into all sorts of avenues, I may manage to capture some of these thoughts but will usually think I need to do some research first. This is useful but can be a huge distraction to actual writing! Hours can pass when researching online and sometimes I won’t have gotten anything down on paper, then I’ll feel irritated with myself because I’ll have to start all over again at a later point. Tasks that were initially exciting can become an albatross hanging over my head if I start out in the wrong way. But they needn’t be that hard at all. I suspect that the ones I agonise over are the ones that feel the more important to me.

“Just get some words down” is a phrase I’ve heard before, but it is only with the timer that I’ve actually been able to do it. The timer helps me to get out of my own way.

I will certainly be using these techniques with the majority of my writing at the moment and would thoroughly recommend this book because the single most important thing about it for me has been that it has produced tangible results.

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Friday, 7 January 2011

Tim Westwood Tests Electric Cars: Did They Convert Him?

Electric Cars:  You're going to start to hear more and more about them over the next year or so.  The government is committed to getting us to convert to electric cars, but they need to get us all thinking differently first.  Change takes time, and when it comes to motoring we are all used to filling up with petrol/diesel whenever we need to.

The cars with the right price and range of battery are simply not ready for the mass market just yet, but there are some cars there for the few who wish to try out electric over petrol/diesel.

Tim Westwood takes a look at three of them (Citroen, Mini, Tesla) in this wry video clip.

p.s who are those 'people' in the background? Has Anthony Gormley been there by any chance?!

Monday, 3 January 2011

Motor Codes Survey Results (UK, Nov 2010): Are You Happy with Your Car Service Centre?

Article first published as Motor Codes Survey Results (UK, Nov 2010): Are You Happy with Your Car Service Centre? on Blogcritics.

The results of the Motor Codes Survey for Nov 2010 indicates that levels of satisfaction and customer service are high at 94-96%.
Motor Codes Logo
Motor Codes has been set up by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders with the support of Trading Standards in order to be a self-regulatory body for the automotive sector. It aims to provide a service both for member garages and for consumers, offering clear codes of practice, a consumer advice line and a database of garage members who subscribe to the codes. Consumers can feedback on the service they receive and those garages who receive top scores become ‘golden garages’.
In theory it is a much-needed independent means of providing reassurance when you have your car repaired. You should be able to search for a garage in your area, check their feedback and choose on the basis of this.
  Abarth engine
It's early days yet and you may find the choice of subscribing garages to be limited in your area, but the real test of something like this comes when consumers need support following bad service or a bad repair. If you do have a bad experience at a garage how will motor codes help you to resolve the issue?
Well, if your garage isn’t a subscriber in the first place then your options are limited under Motor Codes. There is general advice on the website to help you know your rights, but the real support is there if your garage is a subscriber. The actual complaint process that takes place once you submit an issue isn’t clear, but there is a direct consumer advice line, and you can submit an issue via the website after you have tried to resolve the issue with your garage.
It remains to be seen how well the service manages complaints or issues that are raised by consumers. The way that complaints are dealt with is the key to consumer satisfaction, but if this service is catering both for member garages and consumers can it do this equally and impartially for both sides?
Hopefully it can.